Matthew grew up in the English suburbs. For his 16th Birthday he asked for an Electronic Keyboard as an outlet for his imagination. Over the next few years, he set about teaching himself everything he could about experimental music and composition, creating countless recordings. It would be these recordings that would see Matthew leaving suburbia, and travelling the world, sharing billings with acts such as The National, St. Vincent, Smashing Pumpkins and Vampire Weekend.  

Matthew's albums have gained mass critical acclaim and his songs have featured across TV Shows, Commercials and Radio Playlists the World over. 

I think it’s about embracing individuality. I believe everyone is very different. We are often easily led into believing we’re not but we are. We have to protect that. If you have unique ideas and you are brave enough to express them, then that’s how you protect who you are. No compromises, remove the fear of criticism and opinions and express yourself. If you produce something from your head, completely undiluted, then it will inspire.