"Subtly beautiful and hugely addictive.****4 Stars"
The Sunday Telegraph

"An impressive album of displacement anxiety with sonics to match. Think Mercury Rev making a break up album. ****4 Stars"
The Independent

"...his style is utterly his own. Timeless and graceful. Strings and percussion, ominous echoes and soft, sweet choirs add richness to tales of asthmatics and fashion houses, plastic pre-flight seats and boarding lounges that you can't help returning to. ****4 Stars"
The Guardian

"I've been playing this one track that I've found recently that I've become kind of obsessed with (Restaurant Blast). Kinda fallen in love with it... I'm smitten by it. Just going to keep playing it to you."
Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music

"Windmill's lovely way with melody and borderline brilliant sense of the emotional dynamics between his own plaintive piano style, heart-wrenching cello and gorgeous washes of full-on strings."

"The Mercury people should make a note because their will be no better British album this year - 10/10 ."
Comfort Comes

"It is almost impossible to find fault here, Stunning, fragile and amazingly powerful, this is not an album you can afford to be without 5/5."
Rock Midgets

"Matthew Thomas Dillon producing star-swept piano-led alt.indie, like The Polyphonic Spree, Mecury Rev, Guided by Voices and The Flaming Lips all joining the same grief therapy group."

"This is a rousing debut. Celebrating everything that's darkened and drastic in life."
The BIG issue

"Puddle City Racing Lights shines with promise and occasionally, showcases a very serious young talent. If you can't be arsed waiting for the next Flaming Lips or Brigh Eyes album, it might be worth parting with £12 and listening to indie's newest son."

"A great British eccentric in the making"

"It’s an album that can in parts make you get up and jump around the room like a complete lunatic and stop you in your tracks the next. *****5 stars"

"Has the potential of becoming the soundtrack to your life 9/10"

"Don't be fooled into thinking a finer record will be released this year. This is deliriously addictive with every track a winner, and that's why the record works as an absolute whole."

"The Mercury Music Prize panel need look no further than right here when they’re drawing up their shortlist later on in the year. ‘Puddle City Racing Lights’ is that good. Once it’s in your CD player, it’s hard to get out again and these instantly memorable, timeless songs are worthy of a special place in all of your hearts."
The White Noise Revistited

"Puddle City Racing Lights’ is a timeless album ripe for building your life around. - 9.9/10"
Cow and Field

"Magnificent and unexpected."
Under The Radar

"One of my favourite new discoveries."
USA Today

"An undiscovered treasure - **** 4 Stars."
The Sun

"For us writers and listeners that find ourselves looking for music under the radar, Windmill could very well be an artist that in the years to come, we will look as to a classic of our own."
Consequence of Sound

"Possibly the most underrated songwriter in the UK."
Drowned in Sound

"Top 50 Albums of 2009." 

"The fact that Windmill is one man’s work is pretty much unbelievable. The Polyphonic Spree might be on adverts for supermarkets, but they didn’t manage anything that comes close to the scope shown on Big Boom, and they were the size of a small army. Bewildering, inspired and uplifting. Excellent."
The Pigeon Post

"Whimsical, fractured and agreeably sweet, Flaming Lips-styled pop."
TimeOut London

"Poignant and sublime emotion, enhanced by subtle arrangements."
Les InRocks

"The new video for Windmill's "Big Boom", a track from his new LP, Epcot Starfields, opens with a shot that could've been an outtake to Christmas on Mars. And in fact the Flaming Lips comparison isn't totally off base, as the rest of the clip pairs footage of a cheerful astronaut rubbing elbows with a town full of fearless freaks, all while Matthew Thomas Dillon's strained vocals carry the triumphant, string-laden "Big Boom" along."

"One of the more expansive and ambitiously realised bedroom-born albums out there, fashioning epics like 'Ellen Save Our Energy' and the Carl Sagan tribute 'Photo Hemispheres'. There's much to be impressed by."

"Starfields will likely cement Windmill as a rising UK Songsmith. Artist of the day."
Paste Magazine

"As tremulous and awestruck as his voice in, Dillon ensures his stirring songs match it; refined, yes, but with gliding pop in there too. 9/10. Top 20 albums of 2009."
Planet Sound 

"Simple, yearning songs. Oddly affecting. "

"Kind of bonkers in a David Bowie sort of way. Kind of really chirpy in a Polyphonic Spree kind of way. Windmills rule!"

"Epcot Starfields, like the album that preceded it, is a showcase of the wonderful talent of Matthew Thomas Dillon...phenomenally beautiful"
Line of Best Fit

"An astonishingly beautiful record: a 41 minute treatise on loneliness, love, death and the end of our planet, touchingly realised and quite moving...definitely nudging its way into that end-of-year album top ten chart."
Folly of Youth

“Epcot Starfields” is a hauntingly beautiful achievement that deserves a fanfare and certainly deserves a wider listenership. It is an evocative and engaging journey, like sitting in a planetarium in awe at the beauty and wonder of the universe but also feeling small, insignificant and vulnerable. And like those feelings, the mood this album creates stays with you long after it has finished."
Alt Sounds

"Star gazing pop genius."
City Life

"A strong bid for placement on the list of “best and most fucked – up records of 2009.”

"Epcot Starfields finds Windmill at its finest."
Knox Road

"Startlingly tender and bleak. 9/10."
The 4 O 5

"Heart achingly sweet. You will definitely love it. 4/5"
Subba Cultcha

"Orchestral pop of the distinctly lovely variety. All summing up into a whole that can only inspire stargazing and moon watching. Single of the week. Top songs of 2009."
Drowned in Sound

"Top albums of 2013."
3WK Underground Radio

"2013's finest tracks."
Music Like Dirt

"Best releases of 2013"
Against the Odds

"Wonderful new music from UK singer/songwriter Matthew Thomas Dillon. Windmill has been a favorite of mine since his 2007 debut Puddle City Racing Lights and he continues to enchant with this new LP, which is full of his unique brand of sweeping, whimsical indie pop. “Jelly Globe” is an early favorite but pick any track from the album and you’re sure to be captivated."
Music for Ants 

"...every Windmill album is a little piece of musical genius. And Above Duffle Farm is no different. Elegantly beautiful, sophisticated and emotional, the new album is both heart-warming and strangely addictive. Windmill is and always will be one of my favorite contemporary British artists. His musical ingenuity and talent are unparalleled and his every album provides the listener with a unique musical experience."
Against The Odds

"'Above Duffle Farm' in essence sounds like a labour of love, a painstaking one at that. There are stunning and complex lullaby-like songs such as 'Restaurant Blast', 'Jelly Globe' and the playful 'Rocket Needs'. The more sombre 'Frozen Embryos' is a powerful highlight that shows off that emotion that Dillon can convey. 'Above Duffle Farm' is pretty difficult to fault."
The Sound of Confusion 

"He deals with modern life and the anxiety and sadness that seems prevelant in young people. Maybe it’s the illusions cast by social media, where everyone but you has an exciting and action packed life. Maybe it’s the increasing worship of material things. Maybe it’s just we all think too much. Whatever it is, Windmill captures it and makes it into something both recognisable and beautiful."
Wake the Deaf

"Wonderfully warped experimental pop from Windmill, the project of Matthew Dillon of the UK. At once fucked up, exuberant, poignant and hugely imaginative, this is impossible to pin down. I'm going to listen to it again."
Bandcamp Hunter

"Above Duffle Farm is full of marvels to discover. Consistently surprising... For little more than a cup of coffee, you’ll have a record that will probably still be listened to a decade from now."
The Midnight Wire 

"Underrated for too long, the new release from Windmill deserves attention."
Electric Sound of Joy

"Coming across like the bastard son of Doseone and the Arcade Fire, this is magnificent indie rock as imagined by someone with very little scope. In the same way that the Arcade Fire were so epic, Windmill is. well, homebrewed. I'm not saying this in a condescending way though, Matthew Thomas Dillon makes music in his bedroom which many great American producers would go running to the hills on hearing, the small scale grandeur is almost it's most endearing quality. What might start with a simply struck piano lead will quickly evolve into a pseudo-gigantic indie monster complete with huge drums and soaring effects, reminiscent of Mercury Rev or the Flaming Lips just for starters. The detuned singing and 'bar room' vibe is perfectly endearing and is indicative I hope of this young man's future recording career. Strange and beautiful."

"Talk about a breath of fresh air. Windmill is Matthew Thomas Dillon, and Puddle City Racing Lights is a beautiful, big ball of sunshine and syrupy-sweet tunes; it’s like riding an indie-rock rainbow. The sounds that Dillon puts together switch quite easily from intimate, close atmospheres of quiet piano to large, lush blooming music that can’t quite be contained. Dillon’s high-pitched voice is perfect accompanying this music, bringing the listener along the troughs and crests. The songs are orchestra-like walls of sound, reminiscent of the arrangements of Arcade Fire, the Flaming Lips, and Mercury Rev—with joyous ovations applied liberally throughout. It’s wonderful to discover someone who can channel such strong influences into good, original songs." The Brooklyn Rail